On Thursday 23rd November, Future Cinema took over Fabric nightclub to present a cutting-edge cinematic event in the 25,000 sq ft venue opposite the Smithfield Meat Market.

The live rescore of Metropolis by DARRYN HARKNESS took place in the Lower City in The M MACHINE - on the other side of the City you found the derelict cinema hosted by the fabulous VOODOO VAUDEVILLE where FUTURE SHORTS was screening five programmes of short films and music videos inspired by the film and rescores of 'JOJO IN THE STARS' by the NEW TELEPATHICS as well as CONTAMINATION rescored by PERICO.

Heading up to YOSHIWARA, the entertainment district you could indulge in your every cinematic desire with cabaret, installations and sexy, sexy short films. MARIA danced for you alongside FORTUNE TELLERS, the MEMORY MIRROR helped you to forget, hosts MINO AND THE SUBLIME WAKAMA were there to comfort you with grapes and soothing times. All whilst the lovely DJ SOPHIE will spin the finest 1920's ballads to keep YOSHIWARA flowing.

Meanwhile, the ETERNAL GARDENS had its very own PARADISE CINEMA with sublime fantastic beautiful films keeping the happiness alive. Heading on to the JOHN FREDERSON OFFICE, the Master of Metropolis overlooked his workers with his secret monitor device while THE THIN MAN informed him of the worker’s revolt, to the sound of performances by PERICO and their PAPER CINEMA and THE THIN MEN.

If you came to the event - please drop us a line and let us know what you thought - email